Design. Craftsmanship. Style.


The collection focuses on the design, craftsmanship, and style of each item.  By displaying each piece as its own work of art, this digital gallery tells the story of each individual spoon, arm chair, desk, and sideboard. Take your time examining every piece, as each detail reveals another layer to the narrative.

The City of Seneca was gifted the collection from the Scarborough-Hamer Foundation in 2015. In August of that year, the entire collection of tools, furniture, textiles, etc. were shipped to Seneca, South Carolina from the Columbia Museum of Art where the collection was being temporarily stored.

Select pieces from the collection will on display at various times in the Lunney House Museum and Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum. This gallery will be updated often, displaying as many pieces as possible, while providing the best viewer experience possible. Content will be created on a consistent basis telling the story of the collection, how craftsman of the era produced such high quality pieces, and to update you on the what is happening with the Collection. Enjoy the gallery and the pieces that make it special and look forward to innovative content coming soon.